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Infinity Engineering Solution is the leading Chip Conveyor Belt manufacturers in Pune, suppliers, exporters, dealers in Pune, Chakan. Explore our innovative Chip Conveyor Belt systems in Pune designed to optimize your machining processes.

With a focus on durability and performance, our solutions are tailored to meet the demands of modern manufacturing. Trust Infinity Engineering Solution for reliable, high-quality Chip Conveyor Belts that keep your operations running smoothly.

Chip Conveyor Belt Manufacturers in Pune, Chakan | Infinity Engineering Solutions
Chip Conveyor Belt Manufacturers in Pune, Chakan | Infinity Engineering Solutions


A Chip Conveyor Belt is a crucial component in modern manufacturing, seamlessly managing the disposal of machining debris or chips generated during industrial processes. The different types of chip Conveyor Belts are given as: -

1. Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors:
  • Design: Comprising interlocking hinged steel belts, these conveyors are robust and suitable for heavy-duty applications.
  • Features: Resistant to abrasion and capable of handling various chip sizes, these belts are known for their durability.
  • Benefits: Improved chip removal efficiency, minimal maintenance, and prolonged belt life.

2. Magnetic Conveyor Belts
  • Design: Utilizing magnets to attract ferrous chips, these conveyors efficiently separate metal debris from other materials.
  • Features: Self-cleaning mechanisms, low maintenance requirements, and enhanced safety by preventing metal contamination.
  • Benefits: Reduced machine downtime, improved tool life, and a cleaner working environment.

Chip Conveyor Belt in Pune, Chakan

Properties of Chip Conveyor Belt

  • Automatic Chip Disposal: Chip Conveyor Belts automate the removal of machining debris, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This feature reduces downtime, enhances worker safety, and ensures a continuous and efficient manufacturing process.
  • Variable Speed Control: Many Chip Conveyor Belts offer adjustable speed settings to match the specific requirements of different machining processes. This flexibility optimizes chip removal, prevents overloading, and allows customization based on the production demands.


Increased Machine Uptime

Efficient chip removal prevents accumulation, reducing the risk of machine jams and downtime. Enhanced machine uptime leads to increased productivity and a smoother manufacturing workflow.

Extended Tool Life

Effective chip evacuation prevents chips from interfering with tools, reducing tool wear and prolonging tool life. Cost savings through decreased tool replacement frequency and improved machining precision.

Industrial Applications & Uses
  • Metal Cutting and Machining: Chip Conveyor Belt play a vital role in metal-cutting processes, managing chips generated during milling, turning, or grinding.
  • CNC Machine Operations: Integral to CNC machining, these belts handle the constant flow of chips produced during precision operations.
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  • 1. How often should I maintain my Chip Conveyor Belt?

    Regular maintenance is recommended, with intervals depending on usage. Cleaning, lubrication, and belt inspections contribute to optimal performance.

  • 2. Can Chip Conveyor Belts handle different types of materials?

    Yes, various types of Chip Conveyor Belts are designed to handle a wide range of materials, including metal chips, plastics, and composites.

  • 3. Are Chip Conveyor Belts suitable for small-scale workshops?

    Absolutely. Chip Conveyor Belts come in different sizes and configurations, making them adaptable to the needs of both small-scale workshops and large industrial setups.