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An accumulator conveyor chain is a specialized type of conveyor chain designed to accumulate and hold materials while the chain continues to move. This allows for the temporary storage of products on the conveyor belt without stopping the flow of materials.

Accumulator Conveyor Chain Manufacturers in Pune, Chakan | Infinity Engineering Solutions
Accumulator Conveyor Chain Manufacturers in Pune, Chakan | Infinity Engineering Solutions

Selection and Design

Selecting the appropriate accumulator conveyor chain is based upon multiple aspects, such as:

1. Application Requirements

Consider the type of products being handled, the required accumulation time, and the desired level of control.

2. Conveyor Length and Speed

The capacity and design of the chain are influenced by the conveyor's length and speed.

3. Accumulation Mechanism

Select the best mechanism (pushers, tilting slats, or lateral rollers) based on the needs of the specific application.

4. Configurations for Loading and Unloading

Make sure the chain design enables effective product loading and unloading.

5. Safety and Maintenance

Select a chain that follows safety guidelines and has simple maintenance protocols.

Accumulator Conveyor Chain Manufacturers, Suppliers


Accumulator Conveyor Chains play a crucial role in material handling and conveyor systems by providing a means to control the flow of products along a production line. These chains are designed with unique features to accumulate, buffer, and release products at specific points, optimizing the efficiency of manufacturing processes.

These conveyor chains typically consist of interconnected chain links with specially designed attachments. The links are configured to allow for controlled movement, accumulation, and release of products. The design of the chains allows them to absorb intermittent line stoppages and prevent collisions between products during conveyor operation.

Exclusive Benefits
  • 1. Accumulation Capability

    One of the primary benefits is the ability to accumulate products without stopping the entire conveyor system. This feature is essential in applications where downstream processes may not operate at the same speed as upstream operations.

  • 2. Reduced Product Damage

    Accumulator conveyor Chain help minimize product damage by preventing items from colliding with each other. This is especially crucial for fragile or sensitive products.

  • 3. Flexible System Integration

    These chains can be integrated into various conveyor systems, including both powered and gravity conveyor setups.

Application & Uses
  • Assembly Lines: Accumulator conveyor chains are commonly used in assembly lines, where they allow products to accumulate before moving on to the next stage of production.
  • Packaging Lines: In packaging applications, accumulator chains help regulate the flow of products for efficient packing, labeling, and sorting.
  • Distribution Centers: These chains are utilized in distribution centers to manage the flow of products through sorting and shipping processes, preventing bottlenecks.
  • Automated Manufacturing: Accumulator conveyor chains play a crucial role in automated manufacturing processes, ensuring a smooth and controlled flow of materials between robotic workstations and other production stages.

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